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Reminding the world how beautiful it is, one face at a time...

I’ve been building my portfolio for almost 7 years and have found that this “work” also happens to be my greatest passion and calling.

My background is in hair and makeup for the stage and while I love helping people look like they are 80 years old, zombies, or the occasional mermaid, I have fallen in love with helping people discover their own beauty. Every person is uniquely beautiful with their own passion and style. Makeup should bring out your natural beauty. Whether it’s your bright eyes or a killer smile, people should see you... not your makeup. I take so much pride in what I do, and it brings me so much joy that it hurts sometimes!


I have experience with wedding makeup artistry, boudoir, family photos, or just a night out with friends when you want to feel extra special! I pride myself on making my clients feel at ease in my chair, while delivering high-quality looks. It is my goal that every client leaves my presence feeling even more beautiful then when they entered.


When I’m not working, I enjoy “old-lady” crafts as my husband calls them (knitting, crocheting, embroidery), shopping, playing board games, trying as many brunch and pizza spots as possible, and snuggling with my hot husband, Tim, and our cutie puppers: May & Manny.​

As much as I love it, life isn’t all about my work. I believe everything is worth celebrating and nothing is ordinary. I believe you should burn the expensive candles because life is too short to let them sit there for a special occasion. At the end of it all, my dream life would be living each day like it’s a special occasion. I am thrilled to get to know you!!

Cheers to another day in the sun!

- xoxo -


Bailey Rose MUA
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